Core Flex Fitness

Core Strengthening and Stabilization Training have gotten much press recently and deservedly so.  Core Stabilization is an integral component not only to Physical Therapy Rehabilitation but to the entire fitness world.  It is the quintessential component in preventing injury in both sport and fitness.  In order to properly engage your core muscles and maximize the benefits of an exercise movement, you first must understand the concept of pelvic neutral posturing. It is this position where your body is most stable to fully benefit from a strengthening pose.  It also places the spine and hips in proper alignment, decreasing the chance of injury and maximizing your core isolation during exercise.

Core Flex Fitness is both an educational and conditioning program, taught and implemented by a licensed physical therapist.  It establishes proper bio-mechanics with core movements and addresses the importance of muscular flexibility.  It is appropriate for all ages and will teach you the fundamentals of safe and effective exercise programming.  For those individuals with current or prior spine conditions, it is an essential program to prevent re-injury.

These exercise principles are important components to any rehabilitation program.  For those individuals who are looking for a safe and effective exercise program, Core Flex Fitness is an excellent program.

For further information on our facility or the Core Flex Program, please call or email us.  Classes are forming now and will be offered in our clinic and in select area Fitness Facilities.