Direct Access Physical Therapy

What does Direct Access mean?

How would Direct Access affect me?

Physical therapy does not require a prescription from your physician. DIRECT ACCESS (DA) allows you to see a licensed physical therapist immediately so you can begin your treatment you deserve quickly,  before your injury worsens.  Scott has been a DA provider for over 10 years and has had great success quickly diagnosing his patients and developing and implementing the best treatment plan to begin the road to recovery.

If your in need of physical therapy and would like to visit my office, please call to schedule an appointment.  After an initial evaluation with emphasis on Differential Diagnoses (ruling out any other disease process as the cause of your pain/problem), we will determine the best course of action.  If additional diagnostic testing is warranted, I would recommend that you either see your Family Practitioner or an Orthopedic Specialist.

Direct Access guidelines still require your Physical Therapist to communicate directly with your physician and would require a visit to your doctor if you are not progressing with your physical therapy.

If you have been having a problem that you have been neglecting or putting off, please contact our office for a free consultation.  We would be happy to see you tomorrow.