My overall recent experience at Wellness & Rehab was pleasant, to say the least.  Scott was always very professional and "on top of his game" at all times.  The serene environment and cleanliness definitely exceeded my expectations.  I also liked the fact that the appointments are "one on one" with the same physical therapist every time.  I would highly recommend Scott for physical therapy at Wellness & Rehab located in Doylestown, PA.

Cindy Nelson, (cindynels1225@gmail.com)

At 44 years old, I still play in a competitive basketball league.  After making contact at the boards with another player, I injured my shoulder.  I was able to continue playing but was in pain.  Over the next few days, the pain intensified and I could not lift my arm without significant pain.  After a visit to the Orthopedist and an MRI, it was determined that I needed surgery to repair my rotator cuff.  I had surgery and began therapy with Scott Goldinger, PT at his Southampton office.  At first is was really painful, but necessary because my shoulder was very stiff.  Scott explained to me that it was necessary to restore passive motion first before we could move on.  I eventually progressed to active exercises following a 4 week period.  It was not a pleasant surgery but with Scott's and Dr. Armbruster's help, I am pleased to say that I made a full recovery.  I am able to play ball with my son Matt, which is exactly where I want to be.  I still play basketball and am thrilled with the outcome.  I would most definitely refer anyone needing physical therapy to Scott Goldinger.  Thank you for all your help.


Jay Fishman, Yardley PA    

Having graduated nursing school in December, I was set to begin my first nursing job in May at Hahnemann Hospital.  As luck would have it, being a runner and hiker, I injured my knee (damaging the cartilage) prior to my job orientation.  I was saddened to learn that I would need a microfracture chrondoplasty with several months of physical therapy to follow.  Hahnemann was very kind to hold my position pending my recovery.  I started physical therapy a few days after surgery with Scott Goldinger.  Scott and I followed a strict protocol with the end goal of me being able to be on my feet for 12 hour shifts by August.  I was lucky to have gone to Wellness and Rehab because thanks to Scott and his hands on approach, I was able to meet my goal and began working on August 8th! 

Jordan Z., Philadelphia PA