Youth Sport Injury Prevention, Screening & Fitness Training

According to a recent study, more than 1.35 million children have a serious sports injury annually.  The physical demands placed upon our young athletes has dramatically increased over the last ten years.  Sports teams have become more competitive, requiring a more intensive approach towards sport specific conditioning.  Unfortunately, middle school athletes are often poorly supervised and guided by those unequipped to effectively access and implement proper training programs for these developing adolescents.  In my career, I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of young fitness and sports enthusiasts.   My goals for them have always been the same, teach them proper technique and provide them with the appropriate exercise prescription to meet and obtain ultimate success in their training and sport. This is accomplished in the following ways:

  • Comprehensive evaluation to address mobility, posture and stability
  • Educate a child on the importance of proper exercise; compliance equals decreased injury incidence
  • Implementation of a sport specific training program addressing the following principles:
    • Cardiovascular endurance
    • Core stability
    • Muscular flexibility
    • Posture correction
    • Agility training
    • Nutritional guidance

Children are eager to participate in well organized and implemented fitness program.  If they establish core fitness values at a young age, they can maximize their abilities and prevent injuries at the same time.

If your child has an injury, it is imperative for them to see a physical therapist.  Together, they can address the injury, restore function, maximize potential and prevent future injuries.


I am available for free fitness/sport screening of your child. Please contact our office at 215-947-1174 if you would like to schedule a courtesy appointment.